What’s In My Beauty Bag: Istanbul

What’s In My Beauty Bag: Istanbul

I am off to Istanbul in exactly 48 hours  and as you can probably tell I am super excited! I will be in Istanbul for a month before going to Italy for another month so I’ve pretty much packed all my favourites.


Makeup-wise, I took all my IMAN Cosmetics Foundations: Cream to Powder, Luminous and Liquid. I also took my new IMAN Cosmetics Contour Trio and my favourite lipsticks:
(left to right): IMAN Red, Nude, Black Brandy, Baby Doll and Rebel.


I wasn’t sure if I’d need more lip colours but I took my Lip Kit from IMAN Cosmetics to be safe.


I took my Clere Radiance BB Cream for days where I don’t feel like wearing heavy makeup.

I also packed my Grande Lash MD Face Lift which effectively firms & lifts sagging skin (review coming soon)

I could NOT leave my MAC Studio Fix + and Fix + Spray at home.

When it comes to skincare I try to keep it simple, so I’ve packed my products for my normal routine.


Cleanser : Dermalogica Dermalclay
Moisturiser: Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance
SPF: Dermalpgica Super Sensitive Shield
Exfoliation: Young Solutions Exfoliating Gel

Im going to a European country and I wasn’t sure whether it would be easy to find an ethnic hair salon especially since I couldn’t find anything on google an  I don’t want to take any risks especially because i won’t be home for a while so I got braids which will be easy to maintain.

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  1. Lerato
    11/06/2015 / 5:51 AM

    Try Garnier

  2. Jessica
    11/05/2015 / 5:28 AM

    I hear Dermalogica is the best brand for skincare but it’s si expensive. Can you perhaps suggest a cheaper brand

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