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The Best Cappadocia Instagram Spots


Magically Cappadocia is a unique landscape and one of Turkey’s most popular natural wonders. Located in the central Anatolian region of Turkey, Cappadocia means “the land of beautiful horses” and the region is best known for its unique lunar landscape, underground cities, cave churches and the hot air balloon rides.

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Photo opportunities in Cappadocia are endless. If you love instagram and use it as inspiration for your own travel photos, you will love this post. Here you will find all the instagrammable locations in Cappadocia.

Where to take pictures in Cappadocia

Love Valley

Best Cappadocia Instagram Spots

The valley gets its name from the unique phallic shaped rock formations. There are a lot of amazing photo opportunities like the Evil Eye tree or the heart bench.

Mithra Cave Hotel

Best Cappadocia Instagram Spots

If you don’t want to stay at the hotel, you can visit the popular rooftop bar and restaurant with several seating areas to watch the hot air balloons with an [almost] equivalent view. The hotel sits on a hill which gives you one of the best views in all of Goreme at any time of the day.

Check for availability and rates for Mithra Cave Hotel

Galeria Ikman

Best Cappadocia Instagram Spots

Image source: Pinterest

We went to the famous carpet shop and I was surprised to find a long line of people wanting to taking pictures. Also learned that they charge 50TL ($9) to take pictures for 10 minutes and 700 TL ($120) for drone photos. It’s totally understandable to charge as most people probably go there for pictures and not to purchase carpets but I thought it was ridiculous and just didn’t see the point.

The Göreme Open-Air Museum

Best Cappadocia Instagram Spots

A World Heritage site, has the best collection of chapels and living quarters, most dating to around the 11th century.

Museum Hotel

Best hotels in Cappadocia

Image: XoPrivate

Famous for its infinity pool – it offers many unique compositions and reflections. This popular Instagram location has an amazing bar and restaurant that is open to people who aren’t staying at the property.

Check for availability and rates for The Museum Hotel

Uchisar Castle

Best Cappadocia Instagram Spots

This is the highest point in Cappadocia which  overlooks the nearby towns. You will find a lot of restaurants and vendors selling Turkish souvenirs.

Cappadocia Things to do

Sunset Point

Cappadocia’s infamous panoramic view point is the perfect place capture the dramatic Cappadoica landscape and it’s also a great choice for watching the balloons take off at sunrise. Find the address HERE

The Balloon Launch or Landing Site

Best Cappadocia Instagram Spots

Hundreds of people come out between 4am – 7am to capture shots of the balloons. If you don’t want to fork out €200 – €300 for a balloon ride, this is the perfect place to capture the perfect balloon pictures.

The Fairy Chimneys

Best Cappadocia Instagram Spots

A marvel formation with its undulating caves and chimney like rock formations. Volcanic eruptions created this surreal moonscape: the lava flows formed tuff rock, which wind and rain sculpted into sinuous valleys with curvy cliff faces and pointy fairy chimneys.

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