How to maintain hair while traveling

How to maintain hair while traveling

Whether you are #TeamNatural or #TeamRelaxer, finding ways to protect Afro-texture hair when traveling can be difficult. Dealing with different climates and the stress of finding black hair products abroad is harder than finding a needle in a haystack.

If you’re looking to save time and be care free while traveling, I’d suggest getting braids, a sew-in or wigs.


Braids are an affordable and low maintenance style that is perfect for traveling because the braids keep the style in place and can be worn for long periods of time while still looking fashionable.

Types of braids: Twits, Faux Locs, Box Braids, Dutch Braid

Sew in

Sew in, African hair

A sew in requires your natural hair to be braided down and tracks sewn to the braided base. Removing this on a daily basis is not possible.


I bought my first wig from Gossip Hair store on Alixpress. I was impressed with the speedy delivery (I bought it on the 24th of December and it arrived on the 28th).

I looooooved the texture of the hair! It is full-bodied, soft and lightweight.The hair was smooth, silky, hardly any shedding. The lace was bleached and it had internal combs for security. To lay the hair flatter I used a hairdryer on low and a vent brush, this technique is especially good for when I change the parting.

Types of wigs:

Some of my favorite products

Travel Hair Care

It’s important to pack multi-purpose products that come in travel sizes. Always take a hair brush, essential oils, dry shampoo (no-brainer when traveling, as it instantly banishes greasy roots and leave your hair feeling fresh) and/or conditioners and hair masks. I also always bring a straightener, most hotels have hair dryers so you don’t need to take one. Remember, the less products you bring, the less you have to lug home.

Travel Straightener, BaByLissWhat are your favorite hairstyles to wear when you travel?


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