Life Update: Where have I been?

Life Update: Where have I been?

It has been a very long time since I’ve done one of these posts. Here’s a recap of what has been going on in my life lately.

My last update was a year ago, in September 2017, I was excited to visit South Africa (home) after being away for 13 months. Honestly, after a few days at home, I was already bored and I was ready to leave the country again and obviously my parents weren’t pleased about this, so I ended up staying for a month and a half to make them happy. While I was home, I spent a lot of time with my family and I was lucky to explore a few parts of the country that I’ve never been to.

Where have I been? Incase you were wondering where I have been, why I am not updating much and what’s next? Well… Things have been insanely busy between work, life and trying to stay on top of my finances and my goal for this year was to save more. I have been traveling around Europe a lot this year mostly for my job and I explore during my free time. I’ve been to Spain, Italy, England, Ireland, Hungary, Scotland and France.

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Travel: If there’s something I will never, ever take for granted it’s the luxury of being able to travel- and this year I certainly feel like I haven’t traveled that much as I would’ve liked to as I’m been busy with work but I do plan on traveling more during the Christmas season.

What’s next? After a few months off, I feel like I’m ready to get back into the swing of things with the blog. Firstly, I have decided to update the blog everyday this month because I have been super lazy and I have so many pictures and content to post.


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