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Moscow Metro Tour


A trip to Moscow would be incomplete without a metro tour. While most people use the metro to get from point A to B, the Moscow metro is more than just transportation, it’s an experience.

Facts about the Moscow Metro:

1. The Moscow Metro is the largest metro in Europe and the 5th busiest in the world (after the subways of Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai).

2. The Moscow Metro was opened on 15 May 1935 at 7.00am and has only been closed once on the 16th of October 1941.

3. The metro has over 200 stations and over 10 million passengers use it every week.

4. The average operating speed of trains is 41.61 km/h.

5. All the trains heading out of the city center have a female announcer while all the trains heading into the city have male announcers.

6. The interval between the trains is only 90 seconds and the trains have a 99% punctuality rate.

Moscow Metro Map

Moscow Metro Map

Click HERE for an interactive map

Some of the Best Moscow Metro Stations to see:

Moscow Metro Tour

Start at Komsomolskaya Station also known as “Gates of Moscow” because it’s located under three of the most busy Moscow railway terminals. The station has an ancient temple type architecture with mosaic panels on the ceiling, elegant bronze chandeliers, marble arcades and monumental mosaics made from smalt. You will also find a statue of the leader of the Russian Revolution, Vladimir Lenin.

Head to Novoslobodskaya StationMoscow Metro Tour

This was my favorite station, it reminded me of the inside of a cathedral. The station has 32 stained-glass panels, which were all designed by the famous Soviet artist Pavel Korin. The glass panels shows people from different professions including a musician, an agronomist and, of course, an architect. The remaining 26 panels contain intricate geometric patterns and stars.

Moscow Metro Tour

Belorusskaya Station

The station was named after the nearby Belorussky Rail Terminal, from which westward trains towards Belarus and western Europe departures. When’s arrived from the airport I actually took the aeroexpress to Belorusskaya then I took the metro into the city.

Moscow Metro Tour

During the airstrikes of World War II the Moscow subway, as well as the subways in some other cities, became bomb-proof shelters. Half a million people found shelter underground. Women and children slept in the carriages of trains that were parked overnight next to the platforms.

Moscow Metro

A ceiling panel is seen in Novoslobodskaya metro station.

Visit Revolution Square Station

Metro Map Moscow

There are 76 bronze figures depicting Soviet heroes on the platform of Revolution Square station. The statue of Krasnoarmeets (Red Army soldier) periodically “loses” his gun: in average weapons are lost 3-4 times a year. The shoulder with with a dog is favorite among locals especially students as it’s believed that  – if you rub the nose of the you will get good luck. As a result, a dog’s nose always shines.

Moscow Metro Tour

The handrails of the Moscow metro escalators move faster than the escalator stairs.

See the marvelous Mayakovskaya Station

Moscow Metro Tour


This was the most beautiful station in my opinion. It is also the deepest station in Moscow and was a popular place where leaders often had meetings underground due to safety concerns. On the anniversary of the October Revolution on October 6, 1941, a meeting of the Moscow Soviet was held at the Mayakovskaya station; Joseph Stalin made a speech and announced the inevitable defeat of the fascist bloc. The station was constructed by using modern techniques of the time. Instead of heavy pillars, there are high, slender columns made of aircraft steel that create the feeling of a large hall.

How to see the Moscow Metro:

Buy a metro ticket for 50 RUB at any station or buy a Troika Card and pay 38 RUB per trip then get the metro app and use it to find the stations. Alternatively, book a tour but most of them have 20+ people so I would recommend booking one with Oleg, an amazing Moscow native. He was my tour guide and I really enjoyed his tour. Book it HERE

Moscow metro tour

Oleg from Russia, Johnny from Brazil and myself

The Best Moscow Metro Routes:

1 hour: Komsomolskaya (ring) – Novoslobodskaya – Belorusskaya – Revolution Square – Mayakovskaya

2 hours: Teatralnaya – Novoslobodskaya – Paveletskaya (get on the ring line) – Taganskaya (ring) – Komsomolskaya (ring) – Kievskaya (ring) – Park Kultury

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