Things to do in Aruba


Despite being just 20 miles long, the small island of Aruba is a perfect getaway for all types of travelers. Known for it scenic sunsets, clear waters, and laid-back vibe, Aruba is ideal for creating new memories with the one you love. 

Everything you need to know before visiting Aruba for the first time

Things to do in Aruba

Go hiking in Arikok National Park

Arikok National Park covers a fifth of the island and with 29 miles of trails winding their way through the rocky desert there’s something suitable for all hiking levels. The most challenging hike takes about 5 hours through jagged terrain, home to unique wildlife and the famous cacti that live in the desert. You can also visit an historical Aruban adobe house and explore caves to check out indigenous Indian paintings, as well as indulge in a spot of exotic bird watching.

Learn about Aruba’s past

Things to do in Aruba

Head to the National Archaeological Museum in Oranjestad. The Museum has a collection of over 10,000 Amerindian artifacts spanning the Pre-Ceramic, Ceramic, and Historic Cultural Periods, and comprises a variety of media such as pottery, shell, stone, bone, and glass. The collections include a large number of artifacts that express Amerindian and spiritual life as well as a large communication network that connected Aruba to Europe, Mexico and central South America. The archaeological staff research the collections, lead excavations, and perserve key heritage sites including the amazing cave paintings located in Arikok National Park.

Rent-a-bike and cycle

Things to do in Aruba

Discover the island on two wheels which one of the many e-bike tours. They cover landmarks like the emblematic California Lighthouse, the Alto Vista Chapel, beautiful beaches like Arashi, Boca Catalina, Palm Beach, Malmok, Eagle Beach, the Natural Bridge, the Natural Pool and the Arikok National Park.

Climb up a volcano formation

Climb the 587 steps to the top of Hooiberg, a volcanic formation located 165 meters above sea level, and is located at the approximate center of Aruba. At the top of the mountain you will find two small buildings and some radio antennas. One of buildings belongs to a radio station and the other to the local telephone company SETAR. 

Test out a new water sport or activity, like parasailing or stand up paddleboarding, in these calm, clear waters.

Embark on an ATV tour

Take a thrilling ride around Aruba’s north coast on an ATV.

Enjoy the scenery on horseback

Visit Rancho La Ponderosa and explore the quality trails. Ponderosa Ranch is an equestrian center that specializes in the care and boarding of privately-owned horses, Training of show horses, Lessons for the novice and experienced rider, Horse shows, trail rides.

Go swimming at the islands best swimming spot

Things to do in Aruba

Boca Catalina is a small, secluded bay in the Malmok Beach area. The white sandy beach is accessible by steps from a spacious parking area alongside the road.

Explore the S.S. Antilla

Things to do in Aruba

Dive beneath the waves and explore the German freighter that sunk during World War II (also known as the S.S Antilla). The Antilla is the largest shipwreck dive in the Caribbean, covered by tube sponges, coral formations, tropical fish, shrimp, lobsters, and orange anemones. The entire wreckage is 400 feet long and much of the ship is still intact today. The porthole, deck fitting and interior sections can be explored.

Swim with Flamingos

Things to do in Aruba

Head to Renaissance Resort to visit the insta famous Flamingo Beach. These are the most photographed birds in the world and I’ve shared everything from how to get there, where to stay and costs.

Check prices and availability here.

Visit the Aruba Aloe Factory

Things to do in Aruba

Aruba Aloe was founded in 1890 and its the world’s oldest Aloe company. They grow, harvest and process their own Aloe on site then it’s used to make its hair and skin care products. Museum and factory tours are available daily.

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