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12 Apps and Websites You Need Before Going to Ireland

What are the best travel apps in Ireland? From finding out how to get around, checking out the city’s art and events, or discovering nuggets of history and places you never knew about, there are few better companions than your trusty smartphone. Here’s a list of my go-to apps after living in Dublin for a year:

How to get around in Ireland?

Journey Planner

Best Apps in Ireland

Forget having to login to different websites to check timetables and fares. This app allows you to check multiple public transport options (train, bus, tram, ferry and taxi services) on your phone. It provides door-to-door route plans integrating scheduled departures near your current location to any specific destination point. It covers the whole of Ireland including rural locations and all modes of public transport. Examples of which include; Dublin Bus, Luas, Bus Eireann, DART, Commuter Rail, Air Coach, GoBe and Matthews Coaches.

You can see the next departure and arrivals at a specific point. You can also save your favourite locations and recent journeys and use dynamic zoom and scroll mapping.

My Taxi

Best Apps in Ireland

MyTaxi is Europe’s biggest licensed taxi app. They make use of meter taxi pricing and it’s not really the cheapest method but another way to get around in Ireland. You can pre-book rides in advance & pay on the app too.

GoCar App

Pay as you drive with GoCar. They have hundreds of cars and vans across Ireland and you can drive for as little as €8 per hour. All you need to do is signup, upload your license and a photo of yourself and then download the app. Insurance, fuel, tax and city parking are included in the price. Once you’ve signed up you book the car you want for the time you need, unlock it using their app, take the keys from the glovebox and drive it as normal. To finish your booking you just drop the car back to where you picked up. I’ve used this service multiple times and absolutely love it. GoCar is also the only “car rental” that allows people under 25years of age to rent a car. I was surprised to learn that none of the other car rentals offer vehicles to drivers under 25. You can get a list of the costs here

Leap Top-Up App

Best Apps in Ireland

The Leap Card app allows you to pay for public transport in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Waterford, Sligo, Althlone and Wexford. Fares are up to 31% cheaper using a Leap Card. Dublin users also have additional benefits, such as capping and leap 90 discount. If you travel a lot in one day or one week on Dublin Bus, Go-Ahead Ireland, Luas, Dart and Commuter Rail, they’ll automatically cap the price so you don’t spend any more than you need to. Once you’ve reached the cap you travel for free. The app is a free app for NFC enabled Android phones. It allows you to instantly top-up your Leap Card, check your balance and collect tickets. Once downloaded, simply hold your Leap Card to the back of your NFC-enabled Android smartphone to instantly check your balance, collect a pre-paid ticket, or top-up your Leap Card – anytime, anywhere.

Health Stuff

Video Doctor

Best Apps in Ireland

Video Doctor is a great resource for an tourists or expats that is moving to a new country where they do not have referrals for physicians. The app allows you to have a consultation with a doctor via video call and they send your prescription to a pharmacy of your choice and you can go there to pick up medication.

How to meet people in Ireland


Best Apps in Ireland

MeetUp is a great tool for expats or travelers in a new city. With this App travelers and expats can find meet up groups that are based around subjects that they are interested in. The user can subscribe to various meet up groups and get information about upcoming events. My favorite group in Dublin is New and Not so New in Dublin.


Expats groups on Facebook are a great way to make new friends and join communities in a new country or city. These are some of the groups I joined:

Are you hungry?


Best Apps in Ireland

Nothing is more annoying than searching around for menus in the drawer, talking to somebody on the phone and then explaining where you live to the driver. This app takes all of that out of the equation and makes ordering food way too easy!


Dublin can be an expensive city to dine in so this voucher app is a must have if you want to cut your costs. Dine in top quality restaurants and pay even less for it using this fantastic app. If you’re stumped for places to go then this can also serve as inspiration for the evening too, as it contains everything from cocktail classes to gymnastics.

Looking for a place to stay?

Best Apps in Ireland

We know what the rental market is like in the country so you’ll probably be spending hours within this app if you’re on the hunt. It’s the one-stop-shop for finding an apartment.

Done Deal

Ireland’s version of Craigslist. Whatever it is you happen to be looking for – there’s a chance you’ll find it on this app.


Duolingo is a great free App that allows the expat or traveler to learn the basic grammatical structure of a new language on the go. What is neat about Duolingo is that it reminds you to study everyday in different minute increments that the user can choose. The App is currently available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Catalan.ter Apps for expats because its use is so practical to the needs of the expat in a new country. I didn’t need this app as I am from a native English speaking country and majority of Irish people speak English.

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Are you an Irish expat? What are your favourite apps and websites? I’d love to hear what makes life here easier for you.


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    Thanks for the the App recommendations. I became an Irish citizen last year so I’m looking forward to spending lots of time there.

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