Tesloop: An efficient way to travel with zero emissions

Sustainable travelers can finally rejoice as there is a new all-electric long-distance ride sharing option. Tesloop was founded in May 2015 by then 16 years old Haydn, who had an idea to lease a Tesla and drive people back and forth from Los Angeles to Las Vegas during his summer vacation. He later pitched the idea to Elon Musk, and soon he had a team of cofounders and seed money from investors.

Tesloop currently serves most cities in Southern California including Palm Springs, San Diego and Orange County.

Unlike ride sharing services that allow you to be picked up from your current location, Tesloop’s routes are also pre-scheduled with designated pickup points.

My ride experience started at my pickup point in LA, where my pilot arrived 15 minutes early and I was required to show identification before getting inside the car.

A live safety demonstration video was shown and we (passengers) had the opportunity to ask questions pre departure.

Our pilot made sure everyone was comfortable and told us about the complimentary 4G WiFi, device chargers, headphones and healthy refreshments including water, juices, and snacks.

“Driving with autopilot is my favorite feature” said Tyrell who explained extensive screening and training drivers go through to become Tesloop Pilots.

The cars can be driven for about 16 hours a day and needs to be charged for five-six hours a day, and some trips require a mid-trip charging stop which is between 20-25 minutes.

Prices vary between $29-$79 depending on the time, day, direction and seat you choose.

I have a few rides to give away.

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If you want to travel with a light carbon footprint in all electric fleet of semi-autonomous Tesla Model X vehicles visit

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