Digital Nomad Guides

If you’re wondering how to become a digital nomad so you can travel the world while making money, then you’ve come to the right place!

After almost 10-years of living in foreign countries, and traveling around the world while making money online. I have learned a lot about nomadic living and can also say it’s not easy to ditch your desk and head out to the unknown!

It’s actually quite scary to arrive somewhere where you don’t know anyone and create a new life!

I’m a South African who was based in places like Turkey, the US, Ireland, and Bali over the course of my travels. I’ve also visited over 35 different countries while working remotely.

Yes, I went to college but that didn’t prepare me to start working as a freelancer with no experience. In fact, I’ve learned more on the road than I believe I could have if I chose to work a normal 9-5.

If location independence is important to you and you want to experience new cultures & make new friends while saving money living in a low cost-of-living area then you need to find remote work opportunities.

Before you start living from a bag, there are many things to know to avoid making costly mistakes hence I wrote these city guides for Digital Nomads and start to live like a local in all those amazing nomad destinations.

Digital Nomad Guides

What is a Digital Nomad

Digital nomads are people who are location-independent and use the internet to earn a living. Digital nomads work remotely through the internet rather than being physically present at a company’s headquarters or office.

It’s possible to be a digital nomad while working for a company, or alternatively you can work as a freelancer.

Life from a Bag Digital Nomad Guides include

  • How to get a long term visa: You can’t just pack a bag and go live in another country especially if you’re from an African country like me. Our passport requires us to get a visa in advance!
  • How to find affordable accommodation
      • Best resources for finding a place to live.
      • Best neighborhoods and how much to budget for rent.
  • Cost of living for 3 months: How much you should expect to spend on groceries, utilities, transport, and entertainment.
  • Money Matters for Digitial Nomads:
      • Banking For Digital Nomads: Which bank account is the best
      • Taxes For Digital Nomads: You don’t want to end up owing the government hundreds of thousands
  • Cost of living for 3 months: How much you should expect to spend on groceries, utilities, transport, and entertainment.
  • Travel Insurance: Understanding different Insurance companies, what they cover, and choosing the best insurance for people who live and work overseas.

Bali Digital Nomad Guide

Bali Digital Nomad Guide

These Bali guides are a summary of what to expect from the other Digital Nomad Guides:

More Digital Nomad Guides

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