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Unusual restaurants in London

No doubt, London is a top destination for foodies. The range of excellent restaurants, from the most expensive to the most budget-friendly, and the expansive international cuisine are hard to match. If you’re looking for some interesting options to make sure you’ll have an unforgettable, delicious taste of London and experiment some of the multicultural richness of the British capital, these are our top recommendations for the best places to eat.

Xi’an Impression

Almost hidden away on a little side street opposite of Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, Xi’an Impression is a small restaurant, but the minimalist design makes it seem bright and spacious, and you’ll feel instantly welcomed. Excellent Chinese dishes are available at friendly prices. Vegetarians can find a great range of choices as well. Chinese noodles come in a variety of forms and flavours, and this is the best place to explore new combinations of exotic ingredients.

Koya Soho

Unusual Restaurants In LondonKoya Soho is one of Londoners’ favourite Japanese restaurant. Once a best-kept secret, the restaurant has attracted a lot of attention lately. The place is small, but clients can comfortably sit on a stool and watch the chefs do their magic in the kitchen behind the counter. The main attraction is the authentic Japanese breakfast, which can comprise traditional grilled fish with miso soup and rice. The restaurant offers both traditional dishes and original recipes.

Santa Maria Pizzeria

Unusual Restaurants In London

In a multicultural city like London, it is easy to find the best of everything. If you’re in the mood for some top-notch Neapolitan pizza, Santa Maria Pizzeria is a great choice. The wood-fired oven spreads delicious, aromatic flavours, and the pizza comes out with a blistered crust and a yummy interior. There is a wide range of toppings available.

Unusual Restaurants In London

Wild Food Cafe

Unusual Restaurants In London

Located in charming and colourful Neal’s Yard, Wild Food Café is as a plant-based organic eatery, where food comes in original and playful combinations of flavours and ingredients from all over the world. The ingredients come from small organic farms or are foraged from natural environments. The menu changes seasonally.

The Golden Chippy

Unusual Restaurants In London

Fish and Chips is the most popular British staple food, so if you are in London, make sure to stop by The Golden Chippy for some of the best Fish and Chips in the city and a truly local experience. Located in Greenwich, this establishment has a small seating area, but it is very welcoming, and the food is excellent with amazing flavours. The fish is always fresh and the chips are crispy outside but soft inside. The prices are also very good, especially since the portions are quite large. The Fish and Chips come with green salad.

Amrutha Lounge

Unusual Restaurants In London

Yes Offering an authentic mix of Indian, Sri Lankan, and Thai food, Amrutha Lounge is a small, cosy restaurant with innovative dishes that cater mostly to vegans but which are loved by everyone. Popular classics are also on the menu. The food is prepared from scratch with great attention to details to ensure the maximum quality. The place was voted one of the most popular restaurants in London, yet it is incredibly affordable.

The Ledbury

Unusual Restaurants In London

The Ledbury is truly one of the best restaurants in London and almost on a league of its own, yet the prices match the quality. If budget is no issue, this is a Michelin-starred restaurant where both the food and the ambience are spectacular. Everything is at the highest standards, and the French-inspired cuisine is described as culinary perfection. The food presentation and the wine selection can satisfy even the most sophisticated palate.


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